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MOMbo was made possible by contributions from foundations, individual donors, volunteers, and corporate contributors.

Agnes Amdahl
Alison Green
Amanda Cross
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Amy Finch & Noel Raymond
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Ann and Don Luce
Anne & Bill Tisel
Anne Boyd Rioux
Annie Piper & Chris Bayes
April Zoll
Barb Francis
Barbra Wiener
Ben and Jen Kristensen
Beth and Kevin Dooley
Betty Tisel & Sarah Farley
Bill and Char Carlson
Bradley Greenwald
Bridget and Ross Levin
Bridget Levin
Candy Husemoller
Carl and Joyce Berdie
Carol Blizzard Dunn
Carol Curoe & Susan Langlee
Carol Farley
Carstens Smith
Catharine Reid
Christee and Pat Donovan
Clarice & Jene Morey
Comfort and Brad Belbas
Connie and Michael Cohen
Corinne Rafferty
Dana and Scot Malloy
David Yanko & Gulgun Kayim
Deb Sussex
Deb Blakeley & Israel Smith
Debra Frasier
Denise Mayotte
Denise Raverty
Donna Bethke-Borg & Martin Borg
Dot & Dennis Epp
Elaine Klaassen
Elisabeth and Don Raasch
Elizabeth Larsen & Walter Schleisman
Emily Rosenmeier
Felice Bochman
Flo Francis
Fran Rusciano Murnane
Garg and Clem Rosenberger
Ginger Farley & Bob Shapiro
Gloria Helgren
Greta Friedemann
Harriet Lerner
Heather Ferguson & Annika Fjelstad
Helen Lockhart
Helen Rubenstein
Helena Manning
Holly & John Wills
Jack Zipes & Carol Dines
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Jan & Chip Wood
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Janet Rog
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Jeanne Massey & Paul Taylor
Jennifer & Mark Labovitz
Jill Olsen
Joan Kreider
Joan Johnson Steve McKeown
John Kaul
John Plummer & Maia Guest
Judy Engebretson
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Julia and Harry Edelman
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Julie and John Coskran
Julie Oswald
Julie Young & Bob Walser
Julie Zelle
Karen Wills
Karn Anderson & Jim Ouray
Kate and Rick Hartfiel
Kate Brady & David Zumeta
Kate Stanley
Katherine O’Donnell
Katherine Pohlman & Otis Bennett
Katherine Stauffer
Katherine Stewart
Kathryn Flory & James Gorney

Kathy and Chuck Coskran
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Katie Sandell
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Kevin Kling & Mary Ludington
Kim and Charles Sims
Kim and Peter Moen
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Kit and Ann Briem
Kitty Eisele
Kris Berggren & Ben Olk
Kris Ensrud & Tim Wilt
Kris Nelson & Kevin Wallace
Kristen “Mal” Keenan
Kristi and Scott Anderson
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Laura and Linda Smidzik
Leslie Rapp & Walton Stanley
Linda Breitag & Ray Makeever
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Lisa and Buddy Ide
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Lucia Watson
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Oswald Family Foundation
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Paula and Jeffrey Barkmeier
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Sarah Agnew & Dominique Serrand
Sarah Evert & Gary Baker
Sasha Aslanian
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Steve Suppan & Bonnie Wittenburg
Susan and Jim Lenfestey
Susan and John Lundquist
Susan Gaines Ron Tarrel
Susan Hiestand & Jack Goodnow
Susan Ryan
Susie and Hal Goldstein
Susy Rhyan
Terese Pritschet
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Thea Nelson & Don Kaplan
Theresa Jarosz Alberti
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Wally and Joyce Kennedy
Wendy and David Coggins

Interns: Amanda Cross, Sara Dick. Holly Brandberg, Megan Roche.

Engineer: Thanks to Amy Finch, Sara Dick, Dan Richmond, Jackie Scalzo, Ahndi Fridell, Todd Melby, Glenn Austin, Liz Donohue, and Ron Gerber, ALL of whom have contributed their engineering skills to MOMbo.

Graphics and emotional support: Betty Tisel.

Commentators: Thanks to all who have contributed their commentaries and essays throughout the years to MOMbo, including:

Angela Allyn, Lucinda Anderson, Sasha Aslanian, Cindy Atsatt, Kris Berggren, Linda Breitag, Amanda Conti, Kathryn Kysar, Amy Crawford, Debra Dornfield, Julia Jergensen Edelman, Darcey Engen, Henry Epp, Ayun Halliday, Michelle Herman, Savita Iyer, Kim Lane, Ann Luce, Kim Moldofsky, Suzanne Stenson O’Brien, Juliet Johnson Oppe, Beth Osnes, Andrea Pearson, Annie Piper, Terese Pritschet, Maria Rubinstein, Robert Rumbolz, Beth Schoeppler, Tera Schreiber, Susy Schultz, Sima Shahriar, Sara Sponheim, Terre Thoman, Betty Tisel, Michele Weldon, Lizanne Wilson, and Emily Youngdahl Wright.

Book Reviewer: Lucinda Anderson.

Mentors: Euan Kerr, Sarah Farley, Beth Dooley, Chris Roberts, Katherine Lanpher, J. Otis Powell!, Mary Kay Blakely, Harriet Lerner, Mary Pipher, Kitty Eisele, Dick Brooks, Suzanne Stenson O’Brien, Tom Voegli, Dale Spear, Marian Moore, Beth Friend, Dan Olson, Doug Mitchell.

MOMbo wishes to thank Andrea Pearson, MOMbo assistant producer from 1994-1999 for her amazing efforts as researcher, interviewer, thinker, go-getter, and co-host of MOMbo, the weekly local show, which aired on KFAI (pre-syndication) during those years. Andrea helped lay the groundwork for what MOMbo is today and she lives on in MOMbo history as the stalwart spirit behind much of the energy of the show during those years. As Ann Luce, MOMbo commentator, listener, and supporter says, "I really miss Andrea's thoughtful and honest voice."


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