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NOW YOU MOMbo is a collection of eight half hour audio programs in a 4-CD set. Each CD is packaged with a companion booklet, filled with descriptions of the shows and performers, written and illustrated by host and producer Nanci Olesen.

NOW YOU MOMbo is interviews, commentaries, music and conversation to nurture, humor, and enlighten YOU as you dive into motherhood.

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Featuring a commentary by a pregnant Annie Piper from her Manhattan apartment, an interview with Ann Douglas (author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books), and a sound collage of pregnant women—a journey through the woes and joys of pregnancy. READ MORE

Listen to Ann Douglas describe the three trimesters of pregnancy. (3.8 megs)

Listen to a section of Annie Piper's commentary. (1.8 megs)


Commentator Linda Breitag remembers the early days of motherhood, when she was shocked to learn how difficult this job is gonna be. Hear real moms describe their early foggy days, and hone in on the subject of Postpartum Depression and more. READ MORE

Listen to a section of Nanci's interview with Faulkner Fox. (1.8 megs)

Listen to a section of Nanci's introduction to the topic of Newborn Shock. (2.5 megs)


Delve into one of the most interesting subjects in early motherhood: sleep ( for you and your baby). Sleep expert Dr. John Garcia recommends methods to help get your baby to sleep through the night, and the producer talks with a mom who advocates the family bed. Plus a commentary by self-proclaimed sleep expert, Kristen Froebel. READ MORE

Listen to an outtake of Kristen Froebel and Nanci's conversation. (3.8 megs)

Listen to the conversation Nanci had with Lisa Perez, mom of three kids, who lived the FAMILY BED lifestyle for many years. (3.8 megs)


Commentator Julia Jergensen Edelman describes the antics of her toddlers and how they wound her up and wore her out. Nanci Olesen interviews Ann Luce, a Montessori teacher who guides toddlers through a classroom “ environment” and lets us know what’s really going on in the minds and bodies of these small people. Great music and comforting listening. READ MORE

Listen to a section of Julia Jergensen Edelman's commentary about toddlers. (1.4 megs)

Listen to a section of Ann Luce's interview with Nanci about the mind of the toddler. (2.3 megs)


Nobody worries like single mom/commentator Maria Rubinstein. Wait, oh, YOU do too? On the Worry Show we cover all the worries in the world. Dr. Harriet Lerner (The Mother Dance) offers some insight into keeping your worries at bay. READ MORE

Listen to Nanci and Julia Jergensen Edelman discuss FEAR MONGERING in our culture.... beware! (1 meg)

Listen to Dr. Harriet Lerner read from her book, Fear and Other Uninvited Guests. (2 megs)


Hear a variety of voices as moms describe their lives in the work force and at home. Yeah, I know, it's been discussed. But isn't it something you still agonize about everyday? Kris Berggren, author of Strategies for Stay-at-Home Parents, talks with Nanci about her choices. Arlie Hochschild, author of The Time Bind and The Second Shift, discusses a new paradigm for thinking about work/home issues. College professor/ mom/commentator Darcey Engen finds that her sons know more than she does about why she works so hard. READ MORE

Listen to Nanci's introduction to this show, and hear the voice collage of
several moms describing their work/home choices. (5.7 megs)


Being a mom who is active in your child’s school is an important role for many. Parent involvement pro Lynn Lenort describes the "glow" from being involved. Is it a burn out? What are the rewards? Poet and teacher Martie Goetsch shares her writing from years of being a teacher.

Commentator/mom/teacher Lizanne Wilson gives listeners her take on wearing her "MOM hat" and her "TEACHER hat" at the same time. READ MORE

Listen to teacher/mom Lizanne Wilson's commentary about having her own kids in her school. (5.6 megs)


Acting up. It's all about getting involved, and understanding some of the serious issues of our time concerning motherhood. Commentator Lucinda Anderson will let us know how she stays involved in issues relating to families. Ann Crittenden (The Price of Motherhood) speaks with Nanci about how being a mom forced her to get active. Beth Osnes, co-founder of "Mothers Acting Up" describes her organization (http://www.mothersactingup.org). Plus “The Mother’s Day Proclamation for Peace” by Julia Ward Howe (1870). Learn about the real roots of Mother's Day. READ MORE

Listen to Nanci Olesen describe the history of Mother's Day and hear the
Mother's Day Proclamation for Peace (written in 1870 by Julia Ward Howe),
read by Actor/mom Sally Wingert. (4.8 megs)


Here are descriptions from four of the eleven years of the MOMbo half-hour, "MOMbo, a mom show":

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