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MOMbo covers a range of topics that affect parents, from pregnancy tests to college tuition.

Here are descriptions from four of the eleven years of the MOMbo half-hour radio show, "MOMbo, A Mom Show":

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February 6, 2002
MOMbo #15: Jack Zipes, a University of Minnesota scholar and father, describes his reaction to the story of the Mother's Ghosts (The Cinderella story), found in a book of essays by Angela Carter called Burning Your Boats. Julia Jergensen Edelman and Carstens Smith join him to discuss this fairytale. MOMbo children's book reviewer Lucinda Anderson offers three books for 2002.

February 13, 2002
MOMbo #16: Bruce Roseman, author of A Kid Just Like Me, describes overcoming the challenges of Attention Deficit Disorder with his son. MOMbo intern Amanda Cross presents an interview with an Irish mother who sends her children to the U. S. for a summer program with an American Family. Writer Linda Buturian offers a glimpse into her life as a mom raising kids in the country.

February 20, 2002
MOMbo #17: WBEZ reporter Jesse Hardman shares his report on Stay at Home Dads. Angela Allyn shares her midwinter mom poetry. A conversation with several lesbian moms who are a part of Rainbow Families, an organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender families.

February 27, 2002
MOMbo ENCORE: Winter Activities (from winter 2001): Join Nanci Olesen and MOMbo commentator Kris Berggren as they sled with their kids! Book reviewer Lucinda Anderson shares some wintertime books.

March 6, 2002
MOMbo #18: Three Korean American Moms join host Nanci Olesen to describe their lives as moms. MOMbo commentator Beth Dooley shares some late winter recipes.

March 13, 2002
MOMbo #19: The Women's Radio Desk of Oakland California shares a piece entitled Regulating Motherhood: Race, Class, and Policy. Nanci Olesen makes some distinct efforts to get rid of cabin fever.

March 20, 2002
The Amazing World of Pregnancy (Encore Presentation): Julia Jergensen Edelman interviews a pregnant mom, Nanci Olesen offers a few book recommendations. Inspiration and commiseration to grow by. Commentary by pregnant writer Annie Piper.

March 27, 2002
The MOMbo Money Show (Encore Presentation): Mombo intern Sara Dick discusses the mom money topic with Ruth Hayden, money guru. Amanda Cross gets a Minneapolis librarian’s best picks of money books for kids. Nanci Olesen adds her “two cents worth.” Commentary by Kris Berggren.

May 1, 2002
MOMbo #21: Host Nanci Olesen talks with Laura Davis, author of I THOUGHT WE'D NEVER SPEAK AGAIN:The Road from Estrangement to Reconciliation. Nanci describes bread baking as a science, spiritual practice, and a form of communication with her children! Commentary by Anne Burt: "My Mother's Problem".

May 9, 2002
MOMbo #22: Host Nanci Olesen talks with Donna Erickson, of DONNA’s DAY, about making art and memories with kids. Kate Kysar reads some of her poetry for Mother’s Day. Nanci shares a story of a Mother’s Day which passed by too quickly.

May 16, 2002
MOMbo #23: Susan Erickson shares a story about her autistic son. Mary Pipher, author of In the Middle of Everywhere, describes her work with refugees in her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. And host Nanci Olesen continues her quest for the perfect sourdough bread recipe, and advocates baking bread with children.

May 23, 2002
MOMbo #24: Our first book review from the new mama book review club: Maria Rubenstein reviews Sing Your Own Song by Cynthia Orange. Mom/writer Julia Jergensen Edelman describes her quiet 5 days without children, and host Nanci Olesen kneads her bread dough on the air LIVE FOR YOU!

May 30, 2002
MOMbo #13 (encore presentation): The editors of Brain, Child magazine join host Nanci Olesen in a conversation about how they started their alternative magazine, dedicated to "thinking mothers". You can check them out at www.brainchildmag.com. Nanci shares thoughts for the NEW YEAR in a MOMbo Moment.... (in this encore presentation we can think BACK to when 2002 had just begun!)

June 5, 2002
MOMbo #25: Annette Simon tells the story of the book she and her son wrote about the death of her daughter, 3 year old Libby. Actor and mom Annie Piper describes her tenacious transition into motherhood. Host Nanci Olesen freaks out as her children get older and finish another year of school.

June 12, 2002
MOMbo #26: Host Nanci Olesen talks with Sandra Steingraber, author of Having Faith: An Ecologist's Journey to Motherhood. Personal coach Karen Kaufman describes the methods she uses to help clients reach their goals. And new MOMbo commentator Maria Rubenstein describes setting up a tent with her son Fred.

June 19, 2002
MOMbo #27: Nanci Olesen talks with Personal Coach Karen Kaufman about life/career/goal planning (Part 2 of a two part conversation) and The Floating Mothers, an original performance piece by two moms/college professors, is previewed. Two 8-year-olds sing a summer song.

June 26, 2002
Mother of Creativity (Encore Presentation): How do you find your creativity when raising young children? An interview with Colleen Graton Hartung, the mother of Mother In Circles, a creativity support group for moms. A message from Marian Moore, songwriter and mom, and some books for creative inspiration reviewed by Lucinda Anderson.

July 3, 2002
MOMbo #28: In Part 2 of a three part series, Nanci Olesen quizzes new mom Annie Piper about her sleep deprivation. Mom Erin Cavell reviews Breeder, a collection of essays by young moms. Rachel Newman describes her big idea of a new mom “network”.

July 10, 2002
MOMbo #29: Mom/foodwriter Beth Dooley talks about “eating locally”. Wisconsin mom Vicky Ruby reviews The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, and New Yorker Sara Kandler tells us what it’s REALLY like to stay at home with her child.

July 17, 2002
MOMbo #30: In the third part of a three part series, new mom Annie Piper talks with host Nanci Olesen about the NEW SOCIAL ORDER after becoming a mom. MOMbo intern Amanda Cross interviews Gary Ruskin about the commercialism that permeates the lives of children. Remembering Mama, a children's book about grieving the death of a mother, is previewed.

September 11, 2002
MOMbo #32: Host Nanci Olesen describes her return to ORGANIZED LIVING. Mom/Circus Performer Elvira Becks of the Cirque Du Soleil tells what it feels like to “return to work”, and Val Whiting Raymond of the Minnesota Lynx describes her life as a basketball star and mom. Nanci declares “THE BIG CHANGE” for MOMbo.

September 18, 2002
An Encore from November 7, 2001: Nanci Olesen interviews Rozie Kennedy, author of the novel Becoming MOM.com. Marilyn Boehren talks about her motherhood on the road with 3 kids for seven years with her musician husband. Nanci Olesen gives an update on how it all goes at her single mom household.

September 25, 2002
THE LAST OF THE WEEKLY MOMbo PROGRAMS, at least for now!!! Tune in, it's going to be a HEARTY half hour!!
MOMbo #33
: Kyong Halvorsen offers a description of her mom life. Singer/songwriter Linda Breitag closes our MOMbo Book Review club, and MOMbo intern Amanda Cross brings us a special interview about WATERBIRTH. Host Nanci Olesen salutes the moms who have contributed to the weekly MOMbo program for the last 11 years. Stay tuned, Nanci provides an audio outline of what's ahead for MOMbo!!

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