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MOMbo covers a range of topics that affect parents, from pregnancy tests to college tuition.

Here are descriptions from four of the eleven years of the MOMbo half-hour radio show, "MOMbo, A Mom Show":

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December 23, 1999
Cooking: The MOMbo cooking show. Support and humor to get supper on the table.

December 16, 1999
Choosing NOT to Have Children: Teri Casey, author of PRIDE and JOY: The Lives and Passions of Women Without Children, speaks about her book and her own choice not to have kids.

December 9, 1999
Lesbian Moms: Conversations with some lesbian moms and a short radio documentary from Northern Minnesota, produced by Michele Johnson.

December 2, 1999
An Evening with Hip Mama: Listen to selected speakers from an evening with Hip Mama that include the Hip Mama founder, Ariel Gore, and the editor of Minnesota Parent magazine, Jeanie Willet Howitz.

November 18, 1999
Birthdays: Celebrating birthdays with your children—how do you do it so it's not stressful on your kid... AND MOM?

November 11, 1999
Learning Languages: When should children begin to "learn" another language? Also, stories from bilingual families.

November 4, 1999
Holiday Preparedness: Here it comes, ready or not, the HOLIDAY SEASON!! Poet Roy McBride and journalist Kris Bergren share their thoughts on holiday stress prevention.

October 28, 1999
Books For Kids: Mom and avid children's book reader Lucinda Anderson tells of her favorite books, especially for two and three year olds. Isabell Monk, author of Hope, describes her story for children.

October 21, 1999
Marriage: Married/partnered moms describe the many changes that have taken place in their relationship since they've had kids—and a few hints about how to keep that old relationship together. Chicago mom Lizanne Wilson offers her advice.

October 14, 1999
Pregnancy: Are you pregnant? Need a little support and understanding? Here's a half-hour of advice, music, and attitude about being pregnant. MOM-to-be, Maia Guest, reports from New York City.

October 7, 1999
Grandmoms: Grandmas take the mike to tell what they see and hear and feel as they watch their own children raise children.

September 30, 1999
The Empty Nest: Some day those kids are going to grow up and move away. Dr. Harriet Lerner (author of The Mother Dance) and Baltimore Sun reporter Rosemary Armao describe the change that occurs in a mother's heart as the kids grow up.

September 23, 1999
Keeping Creativity Alive: Visual artist Carol Padberg describes how she manages to create as an artist AND raise small children and how each job informs the other. Conversations about how to keep creating in the midst of raising young children.

September 16, 1999
Foster Care: Maybe you've thought of being a foster parent. Maybe you know of some kids who need foster care. The foster care laws are changing... tune in to hear how and why.

September 9, 1999
Organization/Housecleaning: So, you have a toddler who has changed your housecleaning habits? Survival techniques to get you through the stormy years of young children.

September 2, 1999
Loneliness: Loneliness strikes often in the motherhood gig. Professor/mom Darcey Engen shares her stories.

August 26, 1999
Staying Sane: In our high tech society we need ways to make home calm and kind. Tips from Mary Pipher ("The Shelter of Each Other"), and Ray Suarez (NPR's "Talk of the Nation") on the sanity of slowing down.

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