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Holiday Blues
Read on Minnesota Public Radio on December 2, 2004
By Nanci Olesen

Jesus. He’s already gotten enough attention this year. Jesus is just as tired as we are. He knows we need a break. He knows we just got done with campaign ads and staying up all night watching the election returns. He knows we’re worried sick about this war and the economy and the results of that election. He saw us traveling I-90/94 home from northern Illinois after a gray Thanksgiving weekend. He saw our cars, bumper to bumper past Madison on a wet and cold Sunday night, talking with our partners about the three weekends that are ahead which will involve an endless round of craft fairs, concerts, holiday parties, card sending, and shopping. And lo, Christ said, “Oh please. Let’s just not do it this year.”

How about every four years? Then we could have something to look forward to! Those of us who MAKE the holiday come ALIVE for our families, those of us with the letters M-O-M in our names could feel some true sense of spirit just by the fact that we only have to pull it off every four years. Should we vote on it?

I’m getting older. I need time to go more slowly. But it’s going faster and faster and I can’t keep up. It’s dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. How did it get to be December already? I feel like I just got done with all my back-to-school business and now my children are half way to summer vacation.

I can’t find my way out of the changes that are sweeping across the country and the world. I want to slow down.

Let’s take a poll. Who really wants it to be the holidays right now?
I’ll tell you who. My children, God bless them, every one. They’re paging through the catalogues. They’re rehearsing their parts in the Christmas program. They’re getting their toys for tots money together. They’re dying for a really big snowfall. They’ve pulled out the boxes of decorations and marked the day we get the tree on the calendar. They are starry eyed, as always, and excited. And they should be. Hope lives in the promise that every Christmas brings. Every year.

Jesus. He doesn’t really need all this hoopla. But the kids do. Probably more than ever. Alright. I’ll do it for the kids.

—Nanci Olesen
producer and host, MOMbo: 1990-2007


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